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Accurate In-Line Solution for 100% Measurement of Automotive Assemblies

PLYMOUTH, Mich., Jan. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Perceptron, Inc. (PRCP), a leading global provider of 3D automated metrology solutions and coordinate measuring machines, today announced receiving an order from a global automotive manufacturer for an absolute accurate in-line system to measure vehicle bodies utilizing Perceptron’s breakthrough AccuSite technology.

“The ability to use multiple trackers combined with the CMM level accuracy AccuSite offers is a game changer for our customers. Accurate, traceable, and fast measurement results on the plant floor provides the information our customers need to automate and simplify their inspection process, troubleshoot problems in real-time, and increase overall productivity,” commented Rick Van Valkenburg, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing for Perceptron.


For this project, six AccuSite Trackers are used to track four robots equipped with Helixevo sensors scanning seventy-five features on the complete Body-In-White assembly. AccuSite provides the ability to automatically scan surfaces and measure discrete features at line speed to CMM level accuracies using the same sensor and system controller. The AccuSite Trackers continuously monitor and record each robot’s position, removing all robot mechanical and thermal instability from the measurement data. Results are immediately displayed at the station for containment, quality assessment and stored for future part and process analysis with Perceptron’s full suite of data analytics.

Van Valkenburg added, “Another differentiator for winning this project was Perceptron’s ability to use the customer’s pre-defined robot and communication standards instead of expecting the customer to compromise and use a ‘one size fits all’ system. Perceptron has put nearly 40 years of innovation and customer feedback designing, manufacturing, installing, and supporting non-contact metrology and robot guidance systems on the plant floor into AccuSite making it a zero-compromise solution for our customers and partners.”

About Perceptron
Perceptron (PRCP) develops, produces and sells a comprehensive range of automated industrial metrology products and solutions to manufacturing organizations for dimensional gauging, dimensional inspection and 3D scanning. Products include 3D machine vision solutions, robot guidance, coordinate measuring machines, laser scanning and advanced analysis software. Global automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing companies rely on Perceptron’s metrology solutions to assist in managing their complex manufacturing processes to improve quality, shorten product launch times and reduce costs. Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, USA, Perceptron has subsidiary operations in Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom.  For more information, please visit


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