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 Since I started to get my hands on the 5 axis REVO/PH20, I seem to have more and more good case studies about this amazing technology. Recently another long time customer approached us asking for help to find a better solution for measuring a difficult part: a 3m long big tube with internal features that are located almost 600mm from both ends, with tight tolerance. It’s definitely not an easy part, but it’s not the end of the world either. We all know that very few of CMM OEMs have probes that can reach this long into a tube and as most of you would think: a ZEISS cmm with 600mm long extension. But the problem is that to be able to check the entire part in ONE set up (to reduce cycle time and maintain same datum structure), you’ll need a 5m work range cmm. But is that the only solution? If it’s 5 years ago than I’ll say that’ll be it. But not anymore, a 4m Wenzel cmm with REVO RSP3-6 probe will be able to easily check the entire part inside and outside. So let me demonstrate you this amazing solution.

1, The RSP3-6 probing system was released by Renishaw in 2015. It can carry up to 800 mm long with straight probe, or 600 mm long with cranked (star) probe. This gives the Wenzel cmm capability to reach 600 mm inside of the long part easily.




2, Because it’s mounted on a REVO head, even though it won’t do the 5 axis scanning as the regular RSP2 REVO probes, but it still utilises the 5 axis inferred calibration, which means you can just calibrate a few angles then you can select any probe angle to use. This is a very important to reduce cycle time because your calibration time will be minimum. And you can guarantee that when you measure inside features with small ruby (e.g. 1mm) you will not shank (see below image).







3, You might have already started your calculation: 3000mm+600mm+700mm=4300mm, how is it possible for a cmm with only 4000mm work envelope to make it work? Then here’s the best part: because of the 5 axis movement, the cmm will be able to co-ordinate between the xyz positional moves along with the probe A/B indexing so it will need less than 500mm space from both ends to allow the probe (even 700 or 800 mm long extension) go in and out of the part without any problem.


Here are some screen captures from simulation in Modus 2:








Also keep an eye on my youtube channel (I will be able to create a short video clip by the time you’re reading this article):


A simple conclusion: this is a CMM that can really use its HEAD and customer is very happy with it.


Starting from Jan.2018, RX Metrology is fully dedicated to operating thru 1 Source Metrology along with CZAG Metrology and BR Metrology. We provide one stop solution for customers who look for CMM equipment with latest technology, or more flexible retrofit options (without any expensive hardware changes), and on-site/offline CMM programming support, or training on various CMM software including Calypso/PC-Dmis/Camio/Mcosmos/Open-Dmis/Modus/Quartis. We also provide non-contact solutions such as laser scanning, CT scanning, Vision, etc. We’re also distributing Renishaw probes, Arsenal fixtures.


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