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The patented Werth Fiber Probe (WFP) has opened up the world of microstructures for tactile coordinate metrology. Due to its outstanding features, it is currently by far the most popular microprobe in the world. Its low contact forces, less than one millinewton, and its small probe spheres (down to 20 µm sphere diameter) makes the 3D WFP ideal for applications on precision-engineered components and for sensitive surfaces.

This potential, however, was previously available only with straight probe pins. The L-probes now available are perfect for measuring undercuts, small side bores, or even internal threads. The L-probes have probe sphere diameters from 0.040 mm to 0.250 mm. The standard offset between the probe sphere and the shaft is about 1.5 mm. Other offsets are also available. With modular integration in the Werth control and software environment, the new Werth Fiber Probe can alternatively be used in scanning mode or in single point mode. To take advantage of the precision of the sensor, it is recommended for use with high-precision machines, such as the VideoCheck® UA, with a 3D maximum permissible error down to 300 nanometers.

Probe insert measuring a broach

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