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We offer CMM Manager training. Take your training beyond the basic level and learn CMM techniques from over 30 years experience.

CMM Manager has become one of the fastest growing softwares in the market today. With its ability to hook to any controller regardless of OEM it has become the choice of many when it comes to retrofits, or choosing a software platform across several machines. MBC offers training for CMM Manager at the best prices available.

We Offer Off-Site and On-Site Training

(Off-Site training is conducted at the facility of Measurement Technique Inc., in Long Island, NY)

We are certified CMM Manager Trainers

CMM Manager Programming

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 704-995-3007 for a quote.

CMM Manager Training - 3 Days with an optional 4th day

Each training class comes with a training manual and videos. Yours to keep to refer back to later.

The following topics will be covered

Work space

  • Graphics Display Window
  • Database Window
  • Feature database
  • Report database
  • Program Database
  • DRO Window
  • Main menu
  • Main Tool bar
  • View Tool bar
  • Status bar & More
  • Scroll bars
  • View tab bar
Graphics View Manipulation
  • View Port (Standard View) / View Port Option
  • Zoom
  • Translate
  • Use Scroll Bar
  • Free Translation
  • Rotate
  • Use Scroll Bar
  • Free Rotation
  • Set Rotation Center
  • Customer View
Probe Management
  • Probe Assembly
  • Setup probe assembly
  • Star Probe
  • Probe Assembly Management
  • With probe Station
  • Without probe station
  • Tip Manager
  • Tip creation / Tip Naming
  • Tip creation for star probe
  • Tip Calibration
  • Calibration Sphere
  • Reference Tip and Reference Tip calibration
  • Normal Tip Calibration
  • Tip file
Reference Frame
  • Canned Alignment Procedures
  • 3-2-1 Alignment
  • Alignment Tool Box
  • Level-Align-Set Origin
  • Level
  • Align
  • Set Origin
  • Translation & Rotation
  • Translation
  • Rotation
  • Save / Recall / Delete
  • Save
  • Recall
  • Delete
Manual/Joystick Measure
  • Measure Point 
    • Probe compensation options
    • Auto Axis
    • Touch Vector
    • Micro Plane
    • Polar XY, Polar YZ, Polar ZX
    • Polar 3D
    • X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis
  • Measure Line
  • Measure Circle
  • Measure Plane
  • Measure Cylinder
  • Measure Sphere
  • Measure Cone
  • Measure Cloud
  • Construct Point
  • Construct Line
  • Construct Circle
  • Construct Plane
  • Construct Line
  • Best-fit
  • Define Feature
  • Define Point
  • Define Line
  • Define Circle
  • Plane
  • Cylinder
  • Sphere
  • Cone
  • Report Feature
  • Report Point Cloud
  • Report Distance Between
  • Report Angle Between
  • Report Geometric Tolerances
  • Report Form Deviation
  • Define/Save/Load Default Tolerances
  • Create New Customized Report from Default Report
  • Graphical Report
  • Prepare graphics display for graphical report
  • Use Dimension Tools in Graphical Report
  • Tolerance Report Tables in Graphical Report
  • Feature Label in Graphical Report
  • Form Deviation in Graphical Report
  • Adding Text Notes/Annotation to Graphical Report
  • Delete Graphical Report Elements
  • Import CAD
  • Show/Hide/Remove CAD
  • CAD Editor
  • CAD Cloud Editor
  • CAD Reference Frame
  • Level / Align / Set Origin
  • Translate / Rotate / Reset
  • View CAD Data


An optional 4th day is available to assist the trainee in writing a complete program.

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