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Quality starts with a Q – An ATOS Q

The new ATOS Q is an innovative, versatile, robust, and powerful quality system. With its Blue Light Equalizer, fast data processing, and high data throughput, it is also flexible and can be used on the move. Thanks to its protected optics and electronics, the sensor is very robust, making it suitable for use in tough production environments. Interchangeable lenses ensure high-precision measurement of small- to medium-sized parts. The compact system allows for manual, semiautomated, or fully automated operation within the ATOS ScanBox 4105.



Automated metrology on the move – GOM ScanCobot

The new GOM ScanCobot system is the fast track to automated metrology. It combines a high-precision optical ATOS 3D scanner with a collaborative robot and a rotation table. The system is portable and compact. Measurement planning, digitization, and inspection take place in the virtual measuring room of the powerful GOM Inspect software, making this a flexible, easy-to-install system for efficient quality control of small- and medium-sized parts.

Multiple tasks, one software package – GOM Inspect Suite

Combining extreme precision with usability, GOM Inspect simplifies and speeds up the inspection of 3D measurement data, independently of the measuring system. The software is based on a parametric concept, allowing all process steps to be retraced and guaranteeing very reliable measuring results and reports. GOM Inspect is constantly being refined and aligned with customer requirements. It offers all the major inspection methods and application-specific features, e.g. for aerospace applications, virtual clamping, and CT volume inspection.

Precise measurements without clamping fixtures – Virtual Clamping

A special feature of the GOM software is Virtual Clamping of metal and plastic components, eliminating the need for conventional fixtures. Until now, companies had to procure and service clamping fixtures for the parts they wanted to measure. Thanks to the new technology, this time and financial outlay can now be saved. Since the clamping process is no longer influenced by any intervention of the user, the repeatability of measurements is also greater. The measurement data produced as a result of Virtual Clamping matches with the results of a physically clamped component.



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