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Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has released its DELTA OPERA gantry style CMM.  The large volume DELTA OPERA CMM simplifies loading of very large parts in industrial environments. Its unique open structure enables users to load workpieces from three sides of the CMM, making part loading quicker, more flexible, and protecting workpieces by avoiding collisions with the CMM structure.

Ideal for large aerospace and milling applications, DELTA OPERA allows for loading from the front, rear, and one side of the measuring volume. DELTA OPERA can also offer a smaller factory footprint than traditional gantry machines, reducing temperature control costs.

The evolution of DELTA OPERA stems back to the 1960s, with the pioneering DEA gantry machines that delivered fast and accurate inspection of large parts for decades. Drawing on this history of innovation, the DELTA OPERA’s unique half-bridge and half-gantry open structure offers with unprecedented levels of part loading efficiency, combined with high measurement precision and speed.

With its unique half-bridge and half-gantry open structure, DELTA OPERA combines the advantages of both bridge and gantry-types CMMs and is available in standard sizes: X from 2000 to 4000, Y from 5100 to 10000, Z from 1500 to 2500.

“For manufacturers inspecting very large workpieces, loading parts can be challenging and time-consuming,” says Marco Mussino, Product Manager and Project Management Leader, Manufacturing Intelligence, Hexagon. “With the innovative DELTA OPERA, part loading is made easier, driving more efficient inspection. With its open structure and outstanding performance, DELTA OPERA is the most significant evolution in large-volume CMMs for many years.”

As well as delivering high performance, DELTA OPERA comes with a range of usability enhancements, including status and speed lighting indicators, and Hexagon’s seamless probe head swapping system Manual Application Changer (MAC).

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