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Aniwaa has announced the launch of its new 3D scanner comparison platform. The company goal is to assist professional users research, evaluate and purchase 3D capture equipment, and has built a comprehensive database devoted to 3D scanners. With this launch, Aniwaa confirms and expands its leadership on the product evaluation space for the 3D reality capture industry.

Pierre-Antoine Arrighi, Aniwaa’s co-founder who has worked with 3D scanning for more than 10 years in his academic and professional career states “3D scanners are a fast-growing category; we’re seeing many industrial applications reaching maturity and a strong untapped potential overall. New hardware is being released frequently, which is creating a very fragmented market space and making it difficult for potential buyers to make an informed choice. That’s why we’re constantly improving our tools to help our users find the best 3D scanning hardware for their needs and budget.”

This release also marks the company’s transition to a platform model. Aniwaa not only allows its users to cut through the clutter and find the right products, but it also connects potential buyers with trusted resellers from its global network to finalize their purchases. In addition, Aniwaa developed efficient marketing and selling solutions, tailored to help 3D scanning brands connect with a qualified audience of professional buyers while they are actively researching their next purchase on the platform.

New and Improved 3D Scanner Comparison Tool

Information about industrial 3D scanners is scattered across the Internet, with few reliable and user-friendly tools available to guide professional buyers. In that context, researching and comparing products in the fast-changing reality capture landscape can be a daunting task. 

Addressing this issue, the completely redesigned comparison engine indexes over 430 products (and counting), encompassing the full spectrum of 3D scanning systems. The tool includes a range of unique filtering and comparison options designed to help users easily narrow down their selection. They can also benchmark up to four 3D scanners at a time, side by side, and get a comprehensive overview of the products that interest them.

I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved,” added Martin Lansard, Aniwaa’s CEO and co-founder. “With the COVID situation, physical trade shows are declining sharply while the product discovery and comparison steps are moving online. This new release strengthens Aniwaa’s position as the go-to 3D scanner evaluation platform, helping not only buyers but also suppliers– from manufacturers aiming to build their brands to resellers looking for qualified leads. We’re all excited by what’s ahead and look forward to supporting the growth of our industry and helping 3D scanning companies thrive.”

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