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Based on the technology of focus variation, the optical coordinate measuring system µCMM from Bruker Alicona combines advantages of tactile coordinate measuring technology and non-contact surface measurement. Complex component geometries with the smallest tolerances are easily accessible and can be measured with the highest accuracy using only one sensor.


The Alicona µCMM is the 1st optical coordinate measuring system that enables the measurement of dimension, position, shape and roughness with the highest accuracy using just one sensor. µCMM offers high accuracy over its entire measuring volume 310 x 310 x 310 mm including high measuring point density, which, in addition to dimensional metrology can also perform roughness measurement according to ISO 4287/88 (Ra, Rq, Rz…) and ISO 25178 (Sa, Sq, Sz…). No other available tactile or multi sensor coordinate measuring system can measure both shape and roughness of components with just one sensor.


Real3D technology, turns µCMM into a 5-axes system.


µCMM’s length measuring deviation per ISO 10360 is stated as E=(0.8+L/600) µm over its entire measuring volume. The high measuring point density, even over longer distances, enables the measurement of the smallest component tolerances and the precise determination of the position of individual measurements in relation to each other meaning it’s no longer necessary to measure the entire component optically. Only those surface details that are relevant need to be measured speeding up overall measurement times.


µCMM offers simple, intuitive operation, even when used in a production environment. The control runs via a specially developed ergonomic interface with multi-touch screen. Depending on the task, only the information necessary for the operator is displayed. In addition, different speed modes allow either fast rough positioning or focusing on the component detail under measurement.


Automatic Objective Lens Change Rack


Uniquely µCMM includes an automatic objective lens changer rack providing significant advantages over conventional coordinate measuring machines. Tactile CMM sensor chage racks reduce the usable CMM measuring volume. With the µCMM optical coordinate measuring system, the usable measuring volume is identical to the travel volume of the unit.


“SmartFlash” illumination technology makes the µCMM suitable for matt to smooth, highly polished components. The core of SmartFlash is the modulated illumination during the vertical scanning process. Each individual measuring point is optimally illuminated in order to obtain robust and high-resolution 3D depth data. Surface defects can be measured on smooth surfaces below 0.01µm.


Automatic rotation and tilt of the part is provided by an “Advanced Real3D Rotation Unit” which extends the 3-axes system by a 4th and 5th axis opening up automation options for part measurements without re-clamping. The rotational unit also increases accessibility to measuring positions on complex components and can be equipped with three jaw, 3R or Erowa clamping systems.


In combination with the automation interface, Automation Manager, the µCMM enables the complete automatic measurement and evaluation of components. Measurement programs for both roughness measurement and form measurement can be automated quickly and easily. An administrator defines the necessary measuring programs which are then started by a production operator at the push of a button. Selection of the programs to be measured is executed via a dropdown menu or barcode scanner.


3D measurement of a drill with µCMM. Only relevant areas are measured not the entire part.


With µCMM it’s also possible to measure holes optically. The measurement is based on the use of the complete light cone which causes individual light beams to be reflected, even by vertical surfaces, and captured by an objective lens allowing flanks with more than 90° to be traceably measured with high accuracy and repeatability. The maximum ratio of diameter to depth ranges from 1:3 to 1:10 mm. For complex components such as injection valves, the orientation of the individual holes to each other is also measured in combination with Real3D Rotation Unit.


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