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Many of my customers have multiple CMM systems in their metrology lab so it's not uncommon that you see Zeiss/Hexagon/Mituotyo/LK CMMs under one roof. But we all know that there's a very common problem when you run multiple CMMs with different software: how can you exchange inspection programs.  DMIS is supposed to be a feasible solution for exchanging inspection programs between different software but we all know that has never worked well for many reasons. But there is a different solution, in a deeper level than what DMIS can do, that's been available for decades but nobody seems to be interested to fully utilise it until EasyCMM (  showed up in 2017 control show in Germany. I've posted some basic information about EasyCMM on a well known cmm forum so to save some space, please have a look:


I++ is nothing new, but all OEMs only use it for its own benefit (of course). Renishaw UCC Server allows other cmm software to connect and run, but you have to retrofit your CMM with Renishaw controllers. EasyCMM has gone much further. From my forum post, you should already have a good idea about what EasyCMM can do, so I now want to expand some discussions on I++ itself because most people get confused with I++ server vs. I++ client. Sever allows other software to run the controller but client is simply a plug in to connect to the server. Most CMM software, for example, pc-dmis has its own I++ sever but none of them works as nearly well as EasyCMM and mostly lacking technical support since only a couple of AEs might have sort of hands on experience, even it's their own product.


As a stand alone I++ Server, EasyCMM provides these unique benefits:


1, Once installed and connected to your controller, it will take care of all probe configurations/calibrations including tool changers, rotary tables, etc. And even your full CMM calibration will be open to any 3rd party service, which gives you more options to choose your calibration service provider.


2, All you need on your CMM software side is just the I++ client (not server) option, which is supposed to be very low cost even for free. For now, at least these software has I++ option out of box: Open Dmis, Quartis, Modus 1 and I++ option for CMM Manager is available with a very low cost. I've tried all these software on various controllers, they all worked very well.


3, It opens a door for some cad software that's not originally designed to run CMM but now they can. I've tried using SmartProfile with its I++ option and connected a DEA cmm thru EasyCMM within 30 sec. and it becomes a CMM software instantly. In other words, if Solidworks has I++ plug in then you can run your CMM thru EasyCMM directly from Solidworks. 


4, Due to nature of I++, you can even wirelessly run your CMM from any computer/laptop, as long as EasyCMM is running on the CMM computer and your laptop is on the same network (even just a local wifi router with no internet will work). Once you type in the IP address of your CMM computer in the cmm software on your laptop. Now exchanging or cross-running inspection programs between different CMMs won't be a problem any more. Your customer can come down with their own inspection programs in their cmm software on a laptop and run it on your CMM directly or vice versa.


There're really a lot more other benefits you will discover once you get your hands on this nice piece of software and I believe EasyCMM is becoming a game changer in CMM metrology society. Btw, if you're already a Polyworks CNC CMM user, then you should know the core of it is EasyCMM (that explains). For those who have never seen the EasyCMM (or Polyworks CMM) interface, here's a screen shot with that magic button called "read from controller".




RX Metrology and Globus has formed a very good business relationship and Globus has authorized me to distribute their products (including EasyCMM and GLComp), so if you're interested to try EasyCMM with full support, please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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