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A while ago I read an article from a fairly large marketing/survey organisation, titled "3D Metrology Market worth 17.05 Billion USD by 2023". You can easily find it by Google. I think this is exciting news for any metrology OEM. But we know that competition is inevitable when it comes to market shares and each major OEM has its strength and weakness in technology/equipment/service, etc. In my last 22 years of CMM metrology career, I've always worked as a technical guy, not a sales person, but interestingly in last 6 months or so I've gained a lot of valuable experience in sales so I'd like to share some.




Long story short, in mid this year (2017) a new metrology company called "1 Source Metrology" was formed joining 3 individual Metrologists who has run their own metrology business (RX/BR/CZAG Metrology) successfully. Within a couple of months, we've sold several CMMs to customers in GTA (Great Toronto Area) and even in west coast, Victoria Island BC. Obviously in all cases we're competing with a few well known CMM OEM's local dealers. I'd like to give you a couple of case studies so you know why customer chose us:




1.        One GTA customer who has been considering a medium size CMM (e.g. 9-15-6) for a couple of years but also been struggling with whether it should be a used one or brand new one, what kind of hardware/software to choose, etc. I've been supporting them for a few years for their Mitutoyo/B&S small CMMs running various software (Mcosmos and CMM Manager) and I've also recommended Renishaw 5 axis PH20 simply because that's a good fit for their unique application. Since 1Source represents Wenzel NA in Canada, I offered them a brand new XO 87 with PH20, with CMM Manager that they specified. After comparing this offer against those from other sources (including new/used cmm) they made their decision very quickly. In this case, the customer needs a machine with specific size, new technology in hardware and specific software that they want to use and we found a perfect solution for them.




2.        One customer on beautiful Victoria Island BC in west coast is looking for a new small size CMM with newest technology, more importantly a very user-friendly software that requires  the shortest learning curve for their newly hired cmm operator. Again we offered a Wenzel XO55 with PH20 running Modus 2. After comparing with other offers they had, they also make decision quickly and when I was providing the Modus 2 training they emphasized again that Modus 2 interface is exactly what they wanted.




3.        One major tier 1 company needs to repair both of their large horizontal arm CMMs thus looking for a temporary system to continue inspecting daily production. Again their requirement is also very strict: machine needs to be 3m long to check large part, must be able to run their existing programs with min. modifications (meaning hardware/software matching), timing is ASAP. This sounds almost like mission impossible. But with a good network of 1Source, we're able to provide a solution that the customer even agrees, no one else can provide.




I can definitely provide more cases of solutions we've provided to our customers. I believe 1Source has made such success is because we highly focus on understanding what exactly customers need and then we'll provide them a best solution, not just sell a CMM or other type of equipment




At 1Source we always think out of the box so we can find the best Metrology solution for our customer. We promote Wenzel CMM is because their CMMs are built solid (one of the very few OEMs that still uses granite for the bridge), highly precise and Wenzel has been very supportive to us. We'll definitely promote Renishaw 5 axis REVO/PH20 because by far this is the best probing technology in the market, far superior to any other and Renishaw also backs us up in every way they can. We're also open to what software to run your CMM because when you have a Renishaw UCC controller you can run various software such as Modus, Open Dmis, Quartis, CMM Manager, etc. and the best part is, 1Source can support all of them. Not only that, with our combined 75 years of CMM experience we can program/train/support almost all major software in the market such as PC-Dmis, Calypso, Camio, Mcosmos and we have ASME certified GDT experts to provide GDT training/consulting, so really even if you don't need to buy a CMM from us, most likely you can use our services.






Have a look at our website: and if you need any help don't hesitate to contact us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








Ray Xing
Metrology Specialist


GDTP S-0605 (ASME Certified)


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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