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The business of rebuilding and remanufacturing CMMs has taken on new life as laser scanning and easy-to-use TouchDMIS software has added new benefits for pre-owned CMM buyers. 

For over twenty years a number of CMM manufacturers have provided refurbished, rebuilt and remanufactured pre-owned CMMs as a strategy to expand CMM sales to customers whose budgets require something less than what a new CMM costs. One of the industry’s foremost experts on developing pre-owned CMM businesses is Keith Mills, Vice President of Global Marketing for Perceptron, Inc.  Mr. Mills first established a pre-owned program at DEA in the early 1990s, at International Metrology Systems in the late 1990s, and at Xspect Solutions, Inc., a company he founded in 2004, where he introduced and marketed the “Xperienced CMM” a program for pre-owned CMMs that offered manufacturing a wide variety of CMM capability at significantly reduced costs. Xspect Solutions became the largest used CMM company in North America. 

Perceptron, Inc. has introduced the “Repurposed CMM”, a new pre-owned CMM business that emphasizes laser scanning and easy-to-use TouchDMIS™ metrology software that offers a low cost opportunity for moldmakers to extend equipment life, reduce inspection time and costs, and significantly improve functionality by adding the ability to reverse engineer by laser scanning an existing part to create a CAD model or directly re-produce it on a 3D printer.  

Mills explains, “When we first began rebuilding and remanufacturing CMMs in the 90s, industry was squandering a good CMM asset base by obsoleting or scrapping machines. If anyone is in doubt, all they had to do is check Ebay, the next bankruptcy report or out-of-business equipment auction lists.”

“The actual machine hardware on these older CMMs has the built-in precision to accurately provide the necessary ongoing sophisticated measuring capability. The problem is that the original software and even most of the upgrades provided with the original machine is outdated and difficult to use. With today’s costs, new electronics and software, Perceptron, Inc. is now providing a “Repurposed CMM” machine for about half the cost of a new machine with full scanning capability,” Mills says. 

Mills adds, “Because CMMs today are all about software and support,” Buying a CMM with old software from a traditional used equipment dealer on a ‘where is…as is’ basis represents total risk for the customer. Today at Perceptron, we have taken all the risk out of purchasing a used CMM, because unlike other forms of manufacturing equipment, the original air bearing CMM frame will never wear out, and in most cases the older machines were manufactured to a high degree of precision.”

The use of laser scanners on manual portable arm CmMs has increased dramatically over the past several years, the Perceptron ‘Repurposed CMM’ includes a new CNC controller and electronics, TouchDMIS™ measuring software, Renishaw® touch probe, and a Perceptron ScanR™ laser scanner, seamlessly integrated with its TouchCloud ™ software module, to offer full point-cloud creation with automatic feature extraction. This provides fast, highly accurate final mold inspection as well as rescanning capability after changes in the mold have been made. Some moldmakers are scanning edm electrodes as well. 

The ScanR CMM laser scanners are mounted directly to the Renishaw probe head and provide for multi-sensor hybrid CMM capability allowing both repetitive automatic part inspection and reverse engineering. Perceptron Repurposed CMMs come standard with the Red Laser ScanR. They can be upgraded to the revolutionary ScanR Performance model offering a Green Laser with the ability to scan highly reflective parts; dramatically extending the range of engineering materials that can be laser-scanned without part spraying.

Each Repurposed CMM machine undergoes an extensive remanufacturing program and is delivered to its new owner on a full turnkey basis including installation, calibration and software training. 


About Perceptron 

Perceptron (NASDAQ:PRCP) supplies a comprehensive range of automated industrial dimensional inspection and 3D scanning. Products include 3D machine vision solutions, robot guidance, coordinate measuring machines, laser scanning, and advanced analysis software. Automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing companies globally rely on Perceptron's metrology solutions to assist in managing their complex manufacturing processes to improve quality, shorten product launch times and reduce costs. More than 900 systems, 12,000 Perceptron measuring sensors and over 3,000 COORD3 coordinate measuring machines are in active daily use worldwide. Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, Perceptron has subsidiary operations in the Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain and the UK. For more information, please visit




A variety of current Perceptron Repurposed CMMs available for sale.



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