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Calypso 6.0 gives us the reporting that we have wanted since the release of Basic Reporter. This type of reporting is now part of version 6.0 and is included in the release for free. We have been teased, tongue in cheek, about this for awhile now but PIWeb Basic reporting is here. This is one part of a bigger reporting package and what is available in 6.0 will make you want the upgrade to PIWeb Reporting Plus.


This function is activated through Resources/ Results to file/ PIWeb and through Multiple Printout in the individual program.


Here are some examples of the Zeiss templates. These templates are located in the Output Format in the above picture.


This is the Standard Protocol

The Accept Protocol


This is the Table Protocol. There is also an SPC protocol also. 


Version 6.0 will offer multiple varieties of reporting options and you will want to look at the PIWeb Reporting Plus.


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