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Welcome to CMM Quarterly

We have a new look but it is the same magazine you have come to enjoy over the years. Changes in the internet and security have mandated a newer version of the templates we have been using. So feel free to explore the magazine. If you are new here the magazine was created, since 2007, to bring you the latest CMM information including what's new, training in specific softwares, special editions, etc… Check the About Us section under the Home menu to find out more about us.

Please let us know if we can do anything better.

Category: About US

CMM Quarterly has always been about two things


Provide a site in a magazine format to bring useful information to the CMM programmer and operator. We want to bring information that is useful and not just OEM sales information but articles that "lift the hood" so you can see how your CMM software looks and behaves. We want to bring methodology and understanding of how and when to use that methodology. 

I do not sell advertising on this site; however, you will see Mark Boucher Consulting banners on the site. This is a CMM Quarterly company and those leads from the banners make this magazine possible. 


It has always been my belief that helping others, even when they are "competition" for the same contracting dollars, is key to success of both my business and my personal life. I've been in this business 35+ years and want to help those who are younger and eventually going to be taking my place. This magazine provides a place for that. As you begin to read their articles and glean from them please visit their web sites and at least acknowledge them for their contributions.

We have always been a free subscription and no author is paid. I do allow each author to submit a advertising banner with each article to promote their business.


I have included a Donate button on this page only. If you feel like you have benefitted from the information here please consider donating.






Press Releases

  • Metrolog XG

    Metrolog XG is a polyvalent 3D inspection software that fulfills today's needs in terms of 3D measuring and quality control. It has been developed by a team rich of 20 years of experience and features state-of-the-art technologies for quality control.
    • Provided as standard 3D software on various brands of CMMs.
    • Especially suited to retrofit any kind of CMMs, old or new.
    • Runs under Windows XP, Vista and Seven
    • Connects to all type of CMM, manual or CNC, using the standard Metrologic Group interfaces.
    • Built-in DMIS V4.00 engine (Dimensional Measuring Interface Specification).
    Fully interactive 3D graphical interface.

    Measuring of prismatic parts (algorithms certified by the P.T.B. and the N.I.S.T).

    Measuring of free-form parts (surface points, edge points, sections, ...) related to any CAD system.

  • LK Introduces Compact Multi-Sensor CMMs

    LK Metrology has announced its new, ALTERAC ceramic-bridge coordinate measuring machine (CMM) range. Using the latest metrology software, multi-sensor technology and CMM designs, the compact systems are intended for demanding quality control applications.

    The new range of CMMs has been introduced offering high accuracy and repeatability in a compact footprint. Manufactured at the company’s UK plant, the new ALTERAC machines are available in three sizes – 7.7.5, 10.7.5, and 10.7.7 – their respective X,Y,Z axis movements being 700 x 650 x 500 mm, 1,000 x 650 x 500 mm and 1,000 x 650 x 650 mm.

    ALTERAC is equally at home in an inspection department or on the shop floor, especially as pneumatic mounts isolate the CMM from nearby sources of low frequency vibration such as large machinery. The CMM controller may be either stand-alone, or integrated into the machine base with an arm mounted monitor and keyboard, providing the customer a choice that best suits the installation site. The inclusion of Renishaw encoders with 0.05 μm resolution optical scales for high volumetric accuracy not only leads to outstanding metrology but also provides immunity to the ingress of contaminants.

  • Maintaining Longevity Of Large Bridge CMM

    Regular maintenance programme enables over two decades of precision with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

    Founded over 57 years ago, China Airlines is the main airline carrier in Taiwan, operating over 1 400 flights per week to 118 airports in 115 cities across Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. With a fleet of 84 aircraft, regular engine repairs and maintenance programmes are crucial.

    Medical Checks for Each Engine

    With over 2 000 employees located at two manufacturing hubs in Taipei and Kaohsiung, 80 engines are repaired and maintained each year between the two sites. The aeroengine is transported to the hub in Taipei located at Taoyuan Airport where it is carefully dismantled, which begins the process to establish if general maintenance or repair is needed.

Featured Products

  • The CMM Handbook V6

    CMM Quarterly Publications announces the newest version of The CMM Handbook. This version, version 6, has added an expanded GD&T section, a complete section on Profile, and more in-depth articles on CMM methodology.

    Now take your CMM knowledge to a higher level with The CMM Handbook and accompanying videos. With expanded explanations and examples, this book will add to your knowledge of how the CMM is calculating your measured results. 


    This book is not a training manual on a specific software but an educational resource.



    The CMM Handbook Version 6

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